The Weekly Five For July 20th, 2012 - shopping carts, drift overtake, tug of war, mad mike, f1 oversteer

Gymkhana Urban Shopping Playground

Ever since Ken Block's explosion-packed, tire-smoking "Gymkhana" series started, everything from parodies to tributes to challenges has been popping up on YouTube. However, this parody/tribute is the craziest one yet. YouTube channel's "overboardhumor" creation "Gymkhana Urban Shopping Playground" has a (brave) young adult drift not a AWD racecar, 996 Porsche 911, semi-truck, or even an old Fiesta, but a... wait for it cart. There aren't many more words to describe how hilariously awesome this video is, so just watch, and know deep inside that you'll be yearning to do this next time you go shopping. Enjoy.
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Fredric Aasbo's Gatebil Drift Overtake

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Drifting is an amazing motorsport. It takes serious concentration and car control just to be able to drift solo in the first place, and then there's tandem - the act of drifting side-by-side another drifting car, and just like in Formula One, rarely are there drift overtakes, but sometimes... Anything is possible. During a serious grip-driving race at Norway's massive annual Gatebil event, a lone Nissan 180SX is flying pedal-to-the-floor through Rudskogen (a racetrack in Norway), and then - dramatically - out of the smoke and fog comes Formula Drift champion Fredric Aasbo to overtake the 180sx, and he does - sideways. You may say drifting is one of the slowest ways around a corner, but then, you've probably never seen this video, and whats even better, is that its a straight.

Evo GTR Tug Of War

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What's odd about this video is that we all know the popular game "tug of war" is played with a rope, but here its being played with a chain, and a Lancer Evo RS and Mazda 323 GTR both making up to 500hp. Not often do you see a tug of war game being played by powerful tuners, so check this one out and Enjoy.

Mad Mike vs Supra - Thailand Formula D

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"Mad Mike" is his name, and Rx-7's are his game. Mad Mike is the proud owner of a Mazda Rx-7 FD, and its nowhere near stock. As of 2012, the purpose-built, purpose-tuned drift car is making around 650+ hp, thanks to its 26b rotary engine which is apparently two 13b rotary engines mushed together. The howl of Mike's ridiculously loud and awesome-looking Rx-7 can be heard here as he shames a drift-built Toyota Supra in order to demonstrate his drifting skills. The poor Supra even tries to get some attention for itself, but the howl of that massively powerful 26b engine creates too much smoke to even see the Supra. Enjoy.

F1 Oversteer Control

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While we're on the subject of drifting, after watching this video its safe to say that only pansies drift purpose-built drift cars, and while that statement is nowhere near true, here is a video of Formula One cars drifting. Granted, they're not purposely 'drifting', but simply correcting, and sometimes holding oversteer as it hits them at 100-120 mph mid-corner. Not much can be said to describe this video any further, just watch and Enjoy the absolutely mental drifts that these amazing drivers produce.
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