The Weekly Five For April 13th, 2012 - young car enthusiasts, SUV crashes, ryan tuerck, and the Viper

3 Year Old And The Audi R8 V10

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Are you ready to have your face melted off with raw cuteness? Well then check this video out. Uploaded by YouTuber "ChrisOstberg", what we have here is simply a dad and his daughter bonding through the love of cars. The car in this case is the Audi R8 Spyder, or better known as 'the one with the V10'. Though powerful and highly respected throughout the industry and the automotive world, it doesn't sound so great when its constantly hitting the rev-limiter, rather, that 5.2L V10 should be left to scream in the mid-range. However, that's the price the dad in this video pays as his adorable, 3.5 year old daughter experiences and experiments with his German engineering marvel of a car. Thing is though, he doesn't seem to mind at all as he simply enjoys time with his daughter. This video definitely pushes the cute limit, especially when she yells "TURBO" and he guns it. What a video, Enjoy.

Stavros Grillis - Youngest Drifter Ever

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Continuing the trend of kids and cars, its time to introduce the world's youngest drifter ever - Stavros Grillis. Based off of his precise car control skills and confident posture, this kid can easily be mistaken for a professional driver as he almost effortlessly tears up this small, (supposedly) Greek drift course. Able to put a car completely sideways and keep the rear tires smoking after only 2 years of drifting, Grillis brings a new meaning to the saying, "so easy a kid could do it", or what about "child's play"? If you want to reach new heights in whatever talent you're pursuing, try to aim to be like Grillis, because this is one talented kid. Enjoy.

CR-V SUV Crashes At The Ring

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Its fairly easy to come up with a hundred reasons not to bring a Honda CR-V to the legendary, unforgiving German track we all know as the Nurburgring, and this video shows why that is. When you're planning on taking a car to the Nurburgring Nordschleife, don't bring bother a 911 Turbo, or a BMW M3, or a race-prepped Aston Martin, bring a CR-V, but only if your aim is to put it into the arm-co barrier. Enjoy.

Ryan Tuerck - Kickin Back Drifting

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Ever heard of Ryan Tuerck? Well, if you've ever heard of Formula Drift, you may have heard of him too. As a professional drifter you'd think that in his free time he probably drifts, since he's so good at it, right? Well, yeah, you're actually correct. In his free time Mr Tuerck relaxes not with a beverage in hand whilst reclining in a chair near the pool, rather, he's strapped into a sub-8000 (maybe less?) dollar self-prepped, possibly-turbocharged, drift car that appears to be a Nissan 200sx. Plenty of sideways action and smoke, mixed into a gritty yet relaxed atmosphere and backed by a nice soundtrack makes for yet another relaxing drift video by Ryan Tuerck. Enjoy.

A Viper Documentary, The Legend Continues

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The Dodge Viper is a great car - discontinued, yet still making history. Whether its setting one of the fastest times on the Nurburgring, or starting a Viper-only America-based racing series, the Viper never stops biting. This short documentary shows what Viper has been going through in the motorsports world, and believe it or not, the Viper is coming back. Returning to the ever-growing automotive world as the SRT Viper, and completely redone and improved in every way by CEO Ralph Gilles and his team at SRT, the Viper is no longer a legend - it's only getting started. Enjoy.
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