The Pininfarina P4/5 Competizione Shatters Ferrari's Lap Record On The 'Ring

It is based on a Ferrari 430 GT2, is armed with a 4.0L V8, and weighs less than nothing. It’s James Glickenhaus’ Frankenstein-like creation, the Pininfarina P4/5 Competizione, and while it is without-a-doubt an incredible machine, what’s even more incredible is the recent record-breaking laptime the much-admired P4/5 has accomplished, and on none other than the legendary, one-and-only ‘Green Hell’, known as the Nurburgring.


Reiter Engineering Replaces Lamborghini With … A Camaro?

Reiter Engineering is known across the globe for its Lamborghini-led racing presence, with victories spread across various years of FIA GT1 and GT3 racing, across various models of Lamborghinis. From the monstrous, wide-bodied Lamborghini Murcielago to the tame-looking, yet vicious Lamborghini Gallardo, Reiter Engineering has had success all over the sprint racing world. However, Reiter Engineering announced a few months ago that they would be replacing their Lamborghini Gallardo LP600+ GT3 car with something you’d never expect - The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro.


Peugeot Leaves Endurance Racing - But Not Without A Replacement

If you live in the US, chances are you’ve probably never heard of the manufacturer named “Peugeot”. You probably can’t pronounce it either. On the other hand, maybe you are familiar with Peugeot, you know - one of Europe’s top primary suppliers of fuel-efficient, snazzy little front-wheel-drive vehicles, along with hybrids. Sounds exciting right? Well, this front-wheel-drive hybrid-making manufacturer has dominated the gritty world of prototype endurance racing since around 2009, amassing 14 victories in the past 16 races, along with a massive, respectable first-second finish at the 2009 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the cars competing weren’t small, affordable, front-wheel-drive road cars, they were Le Mans prototypes, or, “LMP” cars - purpose-built, lightweight, rear-wheel-drive race cars that made upwards of 600-700 hp.


The 2012 Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 - Its Power, Beauty, and Soul

Everyone and their dog knows that “Aston Martin” is just another way of saying “sex on wheels”, but did you know that the luxury sport (some might even say super car) manufacturer actually competes in various motorsports worldwide, and on a regular basis?


BMW Plans To Return to DTM German Racing Series

Ever heard of NASCAR? What about German NASCAR? No? That’s what I thought. German NASCAR, or more officially (and in actuality) known as DTM, or “Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters”, is a touring car racing series based in Germany with races all over the world. The series has been going on since the 80’s, though nowadays the weapons of choice are the German, fire-breathing, V8-powered track machines that appear as if they can kill you if you so even look at them the wrong way. That being said, the DTM series is ever so different from NASCAR in every possible way, but time won’t be spent here comparing the two as that is truly pointless since both are purpose-built for very different types of racing. It must be noted that watching DTM will, without question, put hairs on your back as the sound of those brute, highly-tuned German V8’s growl through race after race, carving tire guts into the tarmac of every corner they encounter, but Mercedez-Benz and Audi - the current DTM competitors - are in for a surprise - and possibly a beating, because BMW’s coming back.


The 2011 American Le Mans Baltimore Grand Prix

Want to watch quality motorsports programming? Well, usually it costs about an arm, and you’ll get an hour of NASCAR. However, throw a leg in, and you’ll get two hours. Luckily, a few Sundays ago ABC covered and broadcast the 2011 ALMS Baltimore GP race hosted at Baltimore, Maryland. That means that watching this race was free - don’t worry, you can keep your arms and legs.

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