The 1250 Horsepower Supercar You Never Heard of: Zenvo ST1

What has more than 1,000 horsepower, is both super and turbocharged and costs more than $1 million? Wrong. It's not a Bugatti Veyron. Wrong again. It's not the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Strike three. It's not the Koenigsegg Agera R. It is, in fact, the supercar that you've never heard of: The Zenvo ST1
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Gray 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Exhaust_Gray 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rims_Detail
Zenvo automotive was formed by Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertsen in 2004. The company name is a combination of their names. Based in Denmark, Zenvo Automotive has only one goal in mind: "to produce a unique hand built supercar." Zenvo was founded during an interesting time in the automotive industry. Both Pagani and Koenigsegg have been around for nearly a decade at this point and have already claimed several supercar accolades. Likewise, the highly anticipated Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 was officially announced in 2004. It would go on to claim a few records that one day will be challenged by Zenvo. In 2004, Zenvo had not even begun work on a production model, yet was already faced with considerable challenges due to the current market of supercars.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Profile_Gray_Rims 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Grill_Driving 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Profile_Driving
Nonetheless, Zenvo came out with a working prototype after only four years. Shortly thereafter production of the Zenvo ST1 began in 2009. The vision for the Zenvo ST1 was to create an extremely powerful, raw supercar that can handle itself on the track but can also be driven daily on city streets and highways. The design of the ST1 is 100% Danish-influenced. The final product is a combination of impressive specifications and design blended into a vehicle that demands attention yet remains purposeful and practical.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Direct_Exhaust_Taillight_Spoiler 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Direct_Headlight_Grill 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Gray_Driving
Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of the ST1 is the fact that the model name stands for a car that is both Supercharged and Turbocharged. The 1 depicts the first model number of Zenvo Automotive. Strap both of those components to a 7.0 liter V8 and you get 1,250 horsepower at 6,900 RPM and 1,430 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 RPM! That's right, now you can add a supercar to the list of things from Denmark, along with Legos and Vikings. The 7.0 liter displacement puts the Zenvo ST1 only 1.0 liters below the Bugatti Veyron, but hey, Veyrons have an extra 8 cylinders, 4 turbochargers and still put out 263 horsepower less than the ST1. Zenvo is the first automotive manufacturer to put both a turbocharger and supercharger together. The outcome is a power curve that doesn't curve. In fact, the power continues to climb with RPMs in a very straight line. The resulting character is that of a naturally aspirated vehicle that is much more powerful.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_Powercurve_HorsePower_Torque 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Direct_Grill_Headlight_Hood_Carbon_Fiber 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Grill_Rim
The Zenvo ST1 comes standard with a 6-speed gearbox that was custom-designed to handle the immense horsepower and torque numbers; however, Zenvo also offers the option to have the ST1 fitted with a paddle shift solution. The ST1 can also run on E85 BioFuel, regular unleaded or a combination of both.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Detail_Spoiler 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Side_Profile_Rims_Gray2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Aero_Detail 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Side_Rear_Quarter_Profile_Rims
The Zenvo ST1 is built out of a custom carbon body that yields a weight of 3,033 lbs (1,376 kg), 10 pounds less than a Toyota Prius, but who cares about those cars anyways? A Ferrari 458 Italia weighs 241 lbs (109 kg) more than the ST1 and a Bugatti Veyron weighs a whooping 1,129 lbs (512kg) more. Bugatti, however, still comes up as the #1 result when you google "World's fastest car," while the Zenvo has yet to stake any sort of claims, despite it's boastful spec-sheet. Time will tell if the ST1 is worthy of such accolades.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rims_Detail_Brakes 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Gray_Exhaust 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Rims_Exhaust_Taillight_Detail
Let's not forget that I mentioned the ST1 is also practical. Fitted with standard amenities such as A/C, iPod inputs, navigation and adjustable seats makes the ST1 a good option as a daily driver. The interior design of this supercar certainly takes into consideration that when you're not laughing at the specks in your rear view mirror that you might want to sing along with Lady Gaga or use the GPS to help you find the nearest racing track. Bottom line, you're not just getting an extremely expensive piece of engineering work that a dozen nerds put together just to have a fancy spec sheet. You're getting a car that works and also plays.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Interior_Dash_Wheel 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Interior_Seats_Bucket 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Interior_Wide
Only 15 cars will be built and sold to pre-approved customers. The Zenvo ST1 goes for a cool $1.8 million USD, but don't worry, Zenvo throws in a "free" $50,000 watch. Fortunately for the mega-wealthy, Zenvo anticipates to export all of their production vehicles due to the astronomical vehicle tax in Denmark of 200% that would make purchasing this car an unreasonable expenditure. Unless of course, you are Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the grandson and majority shareholder of LEGOs. Of equal importance, is the fact that Zenvo anticipates to source and manufacturer the ST1 all locally in Denmark, avoiding the cheaper prices and sometimes cheaper quality of importing widely available components from other countries. A philosophy that is admirable to automotive manufacturing and is followed by only a few other companies.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Grill_Rim 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Grill_Splitter_Rims 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Overhead_Rear
The Zenvo ST1 is a perfect mix of Danish culture and history, a combination of the fearless Vikings and innovative Legos. It only makes sense that the design configuration of the ST1 is both menacing and fearless like the Vikings and at the same time, innovative, unique and timeless like Legos. As Zenvo states the design is "made from free flowing accelerating lines," and that the "sharp lines are connected by muscular organic surfacing creating dramatic reflections." That's some fancy sales talk but you really don't need to read much to know that this car makes Vikings look like male cheerleaders. Just look at the ST1 from any angle and you know that this car is more chiseled than David Beckam's abs. The ST1 design must have been schemed in a mad scientist's lab deep beneath the earth, unlike a Toyota Prius which must have been designed by a man named Ralph, who collects butterfly stickers and has watched all 700 episodes of Power Rangers.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Overhead_Engine_gray_Spoiler_hood_Carbon_Fiber 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Rims_Exhaust_Taillight_Detail 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Exhaust_Taillight_Driving
The Zenvo ST1 certainly isn't a popular car that touts ambitious claims like the SSC Ultimate Aero or the Dagger GT and while it doesn't directly trump the Bugatti Veyron's world records, it certainly is a car to be reckoned with. After all, the Vikings were never really good at politics or propaganda, but when they came to town -- you knew that you were going to die.
2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Rim_Hood_Aero 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Front_Side_Profile_Rims 2010_Zenvo_ST1_CarNecks_Rear_Profile_Quarter_Spoiler_Rims_Exhuast

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