Subaru Could Be Back In The WRC For 2014

Do you remember the days when turbo-charged, four-cylinder, boxer-engine-powered, all-wheel-drive rally machines would effortlessly rumble, sputter and pop their way through dirt, tarmac, water and snow, usually doing so while sideways, in mid-air and at times a combination of the two? Wait, hold on a second, a four cylinder boxer engine? Yes, I’m talking about Subaru. Specifically, I'm talking about the glory days of Subaru when they still competed in the WRC (or, the World Rally Championship). However, those glory days may yet again arise, because despite the ever-changing rules in WRC, Subaru has decided they’re going to release a new model that may very well be able to fit the picky FIA requirements and thus compete in the WRC once again.

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