2013 Mercedes Benz SL550 Announced

Get ready to short Pfizer stocks, because the brand new 2013 Mercedes Benz SL550 will be putting Viagra out of business. The 2013 Mercedes Benz SL550 continues a tradition that was started 60 years ago. A tradition that is synonymous with sport, style, and comfort. The 2013 SL550 is no different, although Mercedes is touting a slightly different tune about the all new and improved SL: it's lightweight, athletic and luxurious.
CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Side_profile_headlights_rims CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Side_Profile_Rims CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Side_Profile_Topup_Roadsters CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Front_profile
Lightweight, an aspect that is very critical to a performance vehicle. This is something that Mercedes Benz did not discount with the 2013 SL. Being built almost entirely out of aluminum the new SL is significantly lighter than it's predecessor, while at the same time features enhanced rigidity, body-roll and agility. The new body shell weights around 242 pounds less then it’s steel counterpart. The change from steel to aluminum shell has also allowed Mercedes to focus on enhancing other aspects of the car structure such as optimizing safety points and adding additional rigidity to reduce vibration and thus, increase comfort. In all, the new 2013 Mercedes Benz SL550 weighs 275 pounds less than it’s predecessor, bringing in the final weight to approximately 3,925 pounds (1780kg) from 4,200 pounds (1,905kg). Still a fairly high weight for a roadster, especially considering that a 2012 BMW 750i, a very large V8 luxury sedan, weighs 4,564 lbs (2,070kg). However, BMW’sV8 Twin Turbo roadster, the 2012 BMW 650i weighs in at 4531 lbs (2,055kg), significantly more than the 2013 SL550. Don’t worry though, we’ll point out the fact that the high weight doesn’t necessarily limit the 2013 SL550 from achieving it’s two other important qualities of being athletic and luxurious.
CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Front_Driving_Grill_Hood CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Rear_taillight_Roadster_Exhaust CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Front_Driving_Side_Roadster CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Interior_Driving_leather
Athletic: if anyone knows anything about Mercedes Benz and SLs, they know that they’re most definitely athletic. From 700 torque producing biturbos to raw naturally aspirated V8s, the SL is always on the forefront with power, handling and athletic capabilities. The 2013 SL550 is not any different, featuring a 4.7 liter V8 that spews out 429 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. “That’s great” you say, “but my Mustang can do the same thing,” in which you fail to recognize that the power increase from the outgoing 2012 SL500 improved by 12% despite a 0.8 liter drop in displacement. Torque on the other hand, improved by 32% up from a puny 391 lb-ft. Combine the weight drop with a smaller, more efficient engine, then take some other fancy components like steering enhancements and suspension tweaks and you get a fat roadster with enough torque to open your pickle jar that can do 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. That’s AMG territory!
CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Front_Side_HID_Headlights CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Side_Profile_Rims_Topdown_Roadster CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Side_Rims CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Interior_Roofdown_topdown
Let’s not forget that despite being lightweight and athletic that the Mercedes Benz SL550 is still a vehicle of luxury. While the rev limiter is ringing in your ears you’ll be able to appreciate the longer, wider and taller dimensions of the new SL. While the exhaust note will wake your neighbors, you’ll be appreciating the FrontBass system that is integrated into the body of the car, making for a concert hall experience even with the top down. While your friends gloat about their Prius’ gas mileage you’ll be laughing for 20 seconds as your retractable hardtop drops down for you to enjoy the open air driving experience.
CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Interior_red_leather CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Interior_red_leather_Seats CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Interior_Transmission CarNecks_2013_Mercedes_Benz_SL550_Interior_passenger_Seats_red_leather
But let’s not forget the most important piece about driving a Mercedes Benz: how you look in it. The car is clearly one of the most cleverly designed roadsters ever. The 2013 SL550 retains the classic, traditional foundation of a SL model but at the same time evokes sportiness through balanced proportions of the elongated hood with the wider rear end. Sexy would be an understatement and overkill would be a compliment. all in all, this car looks great and it’ll be sure to bring CarNecks smiles from all around.
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