Miami Production Day Two: Ferrari F430 Spyder

Our second day filming in Miami, FL was much more successful and also much more interesting. The Audi R8 was definitely a great car to start our week with, by far the best car that CarNecks has filmed to date, but today was much better. We would be filming the Ferrari F430 Spyder: our childhood bedroom poster car was now in front of us and we had the keys in our hands.
Our second production day actually started the night before when we returned from a busy day of filming the Audi R8 (Read about it here). We had to download all of our footage, check all the batteries, read up on content, prep the next day logistics, and of course -- get some sleep. We didn't sleep much because the next day we were up at 6am, checking and packing all of our equipment, fighting over the cereal and of course, the bathroom.
We were standing in front of the Ferrari F430 only two hours later. I had grown up drooling over the looks of this car. Andrey and I used to pull over at dealerships as teenagers just to press our greasy teenager noses against the showroom windows just to see this car. And here we were, CarNecks crew ready to go and film one of the best Ferrari's ever made.
Andrey was the talent for today -- he would be reviewing the F430 while I would fall back to my natural post as cameraman. I have got to admit, that I felt much more comfortable being behind the camera than on screen with the Audi R8 the prior day. My natural place is to film and make the magic happen and although I absolutely loved the experience of driving the R8, I was just more excited to be the director for the F430.
Filming the Ferrari throughout the day, under the hot Florida sun, was certainly a stressful and taxing experience but two moments probably stand out to me more than anything. The first was when we found a long straight road with no traffic and no end in sight. This road is probably where we got the most exciting shots for the Ferrari and heard probably the most beautiful sound that a machine can make. We were also fortunate to have a Corvette Grand Sport convertible with us as a chase car that we used for some high action side-by-side and GoPro shots. We would drive both cars side by side and Andrey would just downshift in the F430 and punch it -- the Ferrari would take off with such incredible acceleration that neither words nor footage can express how fast the F430 is. Be sure to check out the trailer below to get a sneak peak of some of the high paced GoPro shots out of the Corvette.
The second moment that I will never forget is the drive back to the garage after our shoot. I sat shotgun with Andrey in the F430. We had the top down and were cruising on the highway. I had my DSLR with me and enjoyed filming Andrey driving the Ferrari through Miami traffic as the sun set quietly behind us. The drive was pure enjoyment. Andrey would occasionally down shift, the revs would climb and we would find our way through the traffic. The hot Florida air would comb through our hair and the tiny V8 would sing loudly behind us. We smiled the whole way back.
It was truly a long production day but it was a great experience. I had more confidence behind the camera and we captured some fantastic footage. The only thing left to do that day was prepare for our last car tomorrow. While you all wait for the last production blog post -- I've got a short sneak peek of what we've got coming out in the near future.
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