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Miami Production Day Two: Ferrari F430 Spyder

Our second day filming in Miami, FL was much more successful and also much more interesting. The Audi R8 was definitely a great car to start our week with, by far the best car that CarNecks has filmed to date, but today was much better. We would be filming the Ferrari F430 Spyder: our childhood bedroom poster car was now in front of us and we had the keys in our hands.

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Miami Production Day One: Audi R8

The CarNecks crew left Charlotte, NC in April 2012 in a SUV packed full of equipment and a five man crew on a 12 hour journey down to Miami, FL. The CarNecks team and crew spent weeks preparing, organizing, planning and finally leaving for one of our biggest productions ever. We were on our way to Miami, Florida to film three super-cars valued at a combined MSRP of over half a million US dollars. In an attempt to provide our fellow CarNecks with some insight on the production process, I'll be posting a three part blog to cover the production day of each car and as a result, the Audi R8 was our first shoot.

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CarNecks Starbucks Contest

CarNecks is hosting a contest to win a $100 Starbucks gift card for the person that can guess what three cars we filmed in Miami, Florida.

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April Pre-Production Planning

CarNecks is at it again; we are in the early stages of pre-production for perhaps one of our largest productions to date. With deadlines and film dates rapidly approaching, the team has been frantically pulling together lists, plans, scripts, equipment and tons of other minute logistical to-dos that the viewer never even realizes.

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2010 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Production Day 12.10.11

CarNecks MercedesBenz C63 AMG Production (10 of 11)
An exhilarating and stressful day: The production shoot of the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG by CarNecks. A day that we spent weeks planning and literally only a few hours executing. The utmost precision, planning and persistence would lead us to be successful, but did we accomplish our goal?

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