About Us

CarNecks.com Mission & Vision

Carnecks' Mission is to be an online car review source which strives to provide quality car reviews, entertaining videos, and reliable information. CarNecks Vision is to be the best entertaining car information service provider.

CarNecks History

CarNecks was started by three car enthusiasts, or CarNecks, if you will, who truly are passionate about the best cars in the world and who wish to share that same passion with other CarNecks. The two primarily objectives for CarNecks.com are:

  1. To create entertaining car review videos and
  2. To connect fellow CarNecks.
Car Necks Crew
Car Necks Crew Close up

CarNecks Crew

The CarNecks crew is composed of several young and ambitious CarNecks. The original founders are Alexander Pecheny, Ivan Rudnitsky and Andrey Rudnitsky, pictured first, fifth and sixth from left respectively. In addition to the founders, CarNecks.com is supported by Vitaliy Zradovsky, David Germanovich and Igor Khodochinskiy, pictured second, third, and forth from the left respectively.